Build a physical collision of a link

Hi, I am trying to build a virtual pneumatic cylinder, when I was setting a cylinder collision on a link sub-component, and preset the radius and length, why the geometry of the collision is a cube but not as a cylinder?

In order to make the collision shapes visible in the editor you have to click on the “square” green button you can see in your screenshot to the right of the “camera” button (bottom-center of the 3D viewer). This button toggles the collision visibility. You will notice that the collision shapes will be semitransparent and do not have color. It can be difficult to see them if their shape and size is exactly the same as the visual. I recommend you to add a color and modify the size of the visuals in the links, and probably even temporary modify the origins so you can see more clearly what you are building. It looks like the origin of both “base” and “link” links are the same, so one is on top of the other, be aware of that as well.

thanks for your reply, it works based on your suggestion, and the collision could be shown clearly after change the origin location temporary.

Great! Thanks for the feedback.

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