Creating a moving object


First of, sorry for all the questions.

I´m trying to create a “roller table”, similar to a conveyor belt but I can´t get the movement of the rollers working. I´ve been looking through the guides and tutorials and I did not find anything.

The part where (at least I think) I´m getting lost is around joint-link and how to do this.

What I want to create is a cylinder (from a mesh) that rotates and moves objects that “lands” upon it forward when told so.

I´ve been looking in the existing conveyor belts but there is really not that much info about how they work.




To create the rotating cylinder, start with adding a joint + link and add the cylinder both in the visual and as a collision element in that link.
Then add a joint_motor element in the joint. Now make sure that both the axis of the joint itself and the joint_motor axis are set to the correct value, if you want the cylinder to rotate around the y axis they should both be set to ‘ry’.
The next step is to give the joint_motor a value. This will make the cylinder rotate. To control this from the behavior, add an output variable and connect it to the joint_motor value. Note that the value should be set to 0.0 when initializing, and then set to the proper value when the emulation starts.


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Hi Martin!

Thank you for your reply! I finally found what i was doing wrong, I did not have any value on the joint_motor and i had to much margin.

I hope you go to bed with a feeling that you made someone’s day today, because you sure did!
I have a feeling that once I learn Simumatik it will be indispensable and so far it has proven to be very addictive!

Thanks again!

Happy to hear everything worked out!

It can be addictive for sure :slightly_smiling_face:



Could someone elaborate a bit in general around how to get something moving without giving it a Value in the joint_motor. I have tried using a AC motor now for a while, connecting it the same way as in the Basic tutorial 2 but a just can´t seem to get it going.

Earlier Martin mentioned behavior, but thats not used in the basic 2 to get i moving with a motor, do i need it?

I also have a problem with objects “loosing” its movement when you have not edited the object for a while. As soon as I go in to the editor, without changing anything and then save and reload it moves again. Does anyone else recognize this?



Try looking in the xml editor. There you should find a connection connection ‘motor_axis.value’ → 'j1.j1_motor.value.

I’ll look into this some more.