Emulate a Siemens VFD in Simumatik


I’m wondering if it’s possible to emulate a profinet connected VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) from TIA Portal to Simumatik?
More specifically I’m interested in emulating a SINAMICS G115D from Siemens, more information about the product can be seen in the following links:

Specific product and 3D-model: Produktdetaljer - Industry Mall - Siemens Sweden

Manual: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/109799593/sinamics-g115d?dti=0&lc=en-WW

SINAMICS DriveSim, a Siemens solution for digital twins of VFDs: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/109798225/sinamics-drivesim-basic?dti=0&lc=en-WW

If it is possible, could you recommend me an approach to make it work?

Kind regards,

Hi Viktor-Erik,
Thanks for the question. We have previously approached similar setups by creating components that can either receive a setpoint variable directly or receive control, speed, and ramp variables.

An example component that you can take a look at is the “MOVIFIT-MC SEW” controller. It’s using the OPC UA protocol to communicate within different automation systems. To make the connection faster when using PLCSIM, you could clone that component and change the communication driver to use the s7protocol like the “Siemens S1200 CPU” component. The MOVIFIT component has a mechanical output port included, this makes the connections inside Simumatik very simple.

Best regards,