Gateway installlation issues in a new computer (win10 pro,64)

Hi, I am trying to use simumatik on a new computer( windows 10 pro, 64 bits) which installed the local space and gateway two days ago, now the problem is when I try to connect with the gateway, I have to download and install it everytime after restart and power off the computer, otherwise it cannot be found and get the connect, I have try it several times but it always like this.

Hi, did you try to start manually the Simumatik Gateway directly after you restart the computer instead of reinstalling it?
To make sure that the installation is ok and the problem is that the gateway is not starting automatically at startup, you can just type “Simumatik Gateway” in the windows browser and execute it:

You should see that the service is running after that:

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I have fixed this problem based on your instruction, and the reason why it cannot be found automatically is that the simumatik gateway program is disabled in the startup menu, I have changed the setting from disable to enable in the task manager, the problem should be fixed thoroughly.
Thanks and enjoy your weekend.