Hotkeys, guidelines, snap, copy and group


I have some questions when working in the platform.

Are there any hot keys that one could use?
Is it possible to set guidelines/measurements to work from?
Is there any way to have objects snap to each other? Its quite hard to align to objects right besides each other.
Is there a way to cope a object in the platform and just give it a new name? If I want 10 pieces of the same object it would be useful instead of importing every piece from the library.

Is there a way of grouping to or more objects? As the alignment/fitting is quite problematic I find it easiest to do this in the “open” and later fit the parts into the rest of the model.

If anyone has any Tips & Tricks for the actual placement of objects in the platform I would love it!



Another question, is there a easy way to move an objects origin?
Or is there any guide on how to do it?

thanks again,


Hello! The origin can be moved under Inertia in the 3D editor.


There is currently no way to snap objects, but it’s a requested feature. The same with object copy. I’ll take your suggestions to the team. I find it easier to place objects that need to be aligned by entering coordinates in the box with coordinates in the lower part of the workspace. I hope that helps.


Thank you for your reply!
That’s a good idea, I´ll try it with the next placing.