PLC info panel "info" "Setup: Variable found output"


I don´t think that the output side of my PLC is working and I don´t really know why.
I have connected my system to Codesys and I get signals on the input side but nothing on the output side.

in the info on the plc (under info) it says “SETUP: Variable found input”. I have double checked the spelling a number of times and the address. I do not get any errors from Codesys but neither, what I can see, any contact.

When I look at the voltage during simulation there is zeroes everywhere on the output-side.

Do anyone know what could be the problem?

Another thing, what Gateway version should I be running? I think I´m running 2.0.2 right now but the platform keeps telling “Gateway version 2.0.1 available! Download”

Should I go back to v. 2.0.1?



Regarding the Output problem I solved it so this is more for future references.

Make sure that the URL from the PLC is the same in the gateway (as specified in the PLC tutorial 1).

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