Preview in Blender and light in Simumatik


I´m trying to learn how to make an object have the “right” colour and “metalness” when exporting from Blender to Simumatik.

I know some about the variables that are at play in blender (and which are not) when exporting to glb and what could be done with these.

I just can´t get the light and reflection right. When looking at the file in other software and online viewers the look as planned but they usually go dark and loose much of their metalness when they get imported to Simumatik. Some of the shine is still there but the reflection part is gone.

Is there something else you should know when exporting from Blender to Simumatik, something about how the object is displayed in Simumatik? Could these settings be done in blender to be able to preview in the “right” settings in Blender?

Or could this be from the light in Simumatik? I have been trying different settings in the scene-settings but without any real result. I have also tried to add lights in the objects settings (in Base) but i can´t really get them working, does anyone have any ideas? A academy-lesson about lights in Simumatik would be much appreciated right now :wink:



When you export a blender file to gltf format a dialog box will pop up, on the right side of the dialog box there are some options that might solve the lighting problem if you click to include accurate lighting.

Thank you Kim!

I was looking at a very old version of the Gltf-exporter where the lights extensions where under discussion.
This solves a number of problems so thank you very much!

Happy Holidays!