Quick question about connection order


I have a quick question.

With a simulation connected to TIA and a simulated HMI in the tia portal (it´s v16), in what order should i start the different parts to make it work properly?

In simumatik there are two things; connect to gateway and run simulation
In TIA there are download to device and go online (and start HMI simulation).

Does anyone know in what order to do it to make it work?



First do the steps in Tia portal, to make the plc running. Then connect to the gateway and last start the simulation.

The steps are further explained in the Academy. If you are using plc sim check out Simumatik Academy - Courses - How To Program Siemens S7-1200 CPU and IF you are using plc sim advanced check out Simumatik Academy - Courses - Siemens TIA Portal Integration


Thank you so much! I keep forgetting the Academy, i´m still in the user manual searching around.
I´ll look into it right away!