Set a collision on base

Hi, I made a small game on the platform, mainly want to hit the ball through the cue, if I set the cue as a base, and directly add a collision on it, and through the user_action to click the cue to change its origin( similar to the push button in the public system), but can not produce the effect of collision, so I set the cue as a link, and set a collision shape on it, and made a base and hide it in the cue, and used joint_motor to drive it. Is there any easier way to make this happen?


Hi Kim! Cool project!
The easiest configuration is the one you have now. A static base_link to make the component stay in place, and then a dynamic link and joint_motor to control from the behavior script.

To make a link dynamic (able to move), it needs to have a mass specified in the inertial node. If the mass is set to zero, it will be defined as a static object. This is what happened with the base_link. Since the mass was zero, it was a static object that didn’t update when modifying the origin. However, setting a mass directly on the base link would just make it fall to the ground.

Best regards,

Hi Aron, it’s clear, thanks a lot!

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