Simumatik Launcher installation Issue

The simumatik launcher after I install it gives an error " simumatik launcher error installing package update please contact support " but it is installed though and when I rum the program it gives me this error dialog box " simumatik launcher cannot start, please contact support " with ok button under. when I press ok button another dialog box comes saying " failed to execute script 'main’due to unhandeled exception ‘launcher’ object has no attribute 'WS_PROC"

with this line of error code "
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 22, in
File “src\”, line 77, in run
File “src\”, line 143, in _cleanup
AttributeError: ‘Launcher’ object has no attribute ‘_WS_PROC’
I have tried to uninstall and re-install again 3 times already, but same problem.

Hello @mhaziqkhan96!

I have looked at this a little bit, but I can’t determine why the update failed. However, I found that if you try to start the launcher when it is already running, it can trigger the second error you mentioned (‘launcher’ object has no attribute 'WS_PROC ").

Can you check if the launcher is already running in the system tray before you click (picture below)?

Also, it could be helpful if you wouldn’t mind posting the contents of the file ‘config.json’ in the Simumatik folder which should be located in your Windows user folder (picture below)