"Variable inputs write quality is BAD"


I’m trying to emulate the ConveyorsAndDoor-exercise with Codesys. When I press “Play” and drop a product, Simumatik seem to only recieve the output data from Codesys and won’t send the input data to Codesys. When I drop a product at a sensor that the PLC is supposed to read, I get the message “Variable inputs write quality is BAD” in the Simumatik PLC, as can be seen in the attached image.

This was working fine yesterday and I’ve check several times that my IOs are correctly formatted. I’m not sure what the cause of the problem is, but now you have some information at least.

Nevermind, I solved the issue: I had apparently blocked the input signals in Codesys in the “Symbol configuration” tab. I clicked on the linked input and made sure that the arrows was pointing both ways. Then it worked correctly in Simumatik.


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Glad to hear it worked out!